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"She has all that wildflower energy flowing through her veins"
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It's hard to feel sexy when the image looking back at you in the mirror doesn't match the way you feel on the inside.

It's hard to feel beautiful when your mind + heart are constantly at war with one another. 

Through my lens, with boudoir photography, we are changing all those bullshit things that we believe about ourselves. 

I am taking back my power. Raising strong women. Now it's time to help my clients find their wild, find their fire.

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Over the last year + half, I have worked to build a team for your beauty needs. 

We now offer hair + makeup services to our clients. Whether it's an event I am already hosting, or you are looking to book your own session, my girls are there for exactly what you need. 

Don't know? Don't worry. It's often our clients arrive with no idea what they are going for, + every time my girls SLAY, making you feel confident, glowing, + ready to rock your session.

HAIR - Katie Wohnhas + Heather Baldwin

MAKEUP - Hope Rutter  + Lexie Jones

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Sometimes life throws so much at us that we lose ourselves.

We lose that spark we carried all through childhood. 

Our relationships fizzle, the flame fades. 

Life causes so many of us to one day look in the mirror... + not recognize that person looking back.

Either we haven't put on makeup just because in weeks.

We haven't brushed our hair because we are so tired.

The t-shirt + leggings definitely don't show off our figure that we have forgotten to love. 

The struggles we go through on the day to day, suck the life right out of us + we stop living. 

We stop loving that person in the mirror. 

Smiles fade, bags under the eyes, wrinkles from a laugh we haven't had in a while...

time for a REFRESH.

Time to unleash the wild babe inside + feel that reminder of how BAD you truly are.

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Coming 2022 - new babe blog filled with the stories of my strong + beautiful clients

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