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I know deep in my heart that after everything this world has been through over the last year especially, it's time to find that sense of kindness + community once again. We see each other through social media, we pass by each other in the store or while sitting at dinner, + we never know what that person is dealing with secretly. We see so many smiles, but how many are genuine?So many of us are trying to rebound financially from lay offs during COVID, so many single parents are just trying to save up a little extra to do something sweet for their littles. Some people have trouble falling asleep because their daily struggles are so overwhelming, + they just need a small reason to smile. Whether we are bringing a smile to a veteran, a stay at home mama, or the homeless man on the corner, we should be trying more often than not. It is my hope that we can do this together. Little by little. Through a free coffee, free photo sessions, puppy rescues, toys for tots... every little penny will go toward a wildly kind gesture.Stay tuned to our Facebook pages + Instagram accounts to see where each and every good deed goes.

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